About the hotel


According to variety of considerations and well-invested research, the owners have decided to construct Amazing Sapa Hotel in Sapa, one of the most famous and beautiful highland town in Viet Nam. The concept of the hotel has been inspired by the name "Amazing", the joy when you catch a wonderful panorama of mountain chain right in front of your eyes. This is as an enthusiastic project in term of uniqueness and very high expense of investment and operating costs, but creating a huge potential development for the hotel as well as contributing to Viet Nam tourism industry image in the future. With the competitive advantage of locating in one of the most exclusive and fabulous town in Viet Nam, Amazing Sapa Hotel defines itself as a luxury, unique and high level of services destination, attracting the customers who can afford expensive stays to get the experience of a lifetime.

In the next five years, Amazing Sapa Hotel aims to be recognized as a 4,5* hotel in Sapa for its uniqueness and high quality of services and facilities. With the characteristic of being primarily located on mountain, surrounded by ancient street, Amazing Sapa Hotel will also become an ideal destination for those who love merging themselves into an immense and mysterious environment in Sapa.

Viet Nam is witnessing a rapid development of Tourism Industry, which is believed to be continuously expanded in the future with millions of travellers yearly, creating an enormous demand of accommodation and catering, especially distinctive and luxury destinations. Amazing Sapa Hotel is expected to create an entirely new concept of leisure by combining life experiences with exclusive and fabulous interior design, leaving an unforgettable memory for those who have stayed once.

Mission Statement
Amazing Sapa Hotel has been established in purpose of providing travellers an entirely new way of travelling, experiencing and exploring one of the most beautiful and mysterious part of Vietnam, Sapa. We are committed to provide customers with world-class hospitality experience with exceptional services in the most unique and fabulous atmosphere.